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(JFK)I'm a 30 year TA veteran so I've acquired ALOT of knowledge. I've worked titles from CED cleaner to Motorman Instructor (I still use old titles). I'm an FRA licensed locomotive engineer due to my having 25 years of reserve/active time as an engineer in the US Army. My unit is unfortunately disbanded and I ran like hell as people were getting classified as truck drivers in the sandbox.

I'm R9/LO-V qualified, being in one of the last classes in 1981 to do so. I still have my brake plug on my tool ring.


The R160's are a waste of money as their trucks will eventually need replacing with the R10+ trucks due to airbag failure. New tech just can't take NY abuse.


There's absolutely no reason to reef the R32's. They have ZERO CORROSION and should go through an additional overhaul to work out the A/C bugs. Otherwise with their simple SCM cam control they should last at least another 50 years. Don't laugh, most BMT wooden through the Multies could last 95 years if maintained properly. The equipment at Branford will bear this out. 1227 needed a new end platform from rot, but it was replaced by myself and the competant el car crew. It's pathetic that the ahead-of-time Multies were all scrapped.


I look forward to bashing..er..reporting on the R160's. Very few cars have all maps and A/C sinage in sync. Then the earlier cars report "Newton", not New-town at Grand Ave. I cringe when hearing it! The later deliveries pronounce it correctly.


Don't get me started on CBTC. For every hour run, the cost is $15.00-FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS! That doesn't include crew cost either.


I've heard, among other things-CBTC=Can't Believe This Crap!


38tubestock is London's version of the LO-V. Over 1000 were produced and last ran on LT in the early '90's. BR classed them as EMU's on the Isle Of Wight where a few were rebuilt and run in daily service. 71 years YOUNG and looking great!


LT has a museum train and has them in their museum. A few more were preserved at different museums. You can access footage including a sim on YouTube. They make all the right sounds!


My favourite railroad is New York Central.

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