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Goodbye NYCTF

Forest Glen

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I've been a member of NYCTF since November. I haven't always seen eye to eye with the mods but I appreciate the effort they put into running NYCTF. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Navy bootcamp. I'm entering the Nuclear engineering program. I will miss NYCTF. I hope that I get to visit cities around the world. I will take pictures of Shinkansen, the TGV, and Eurostar. My pics won't be as good as Fred G's but they'll come close. If I have any vacation time then I'll try to post at NYCTF. Goodbye to everyone. And Ken S, no matter how many times Brian Weinberg flames you at Subchat don't back down. Don't let him win.

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keep our country safe Sailor! ANd thank you!


Mad respect. Keeping our country safe and free. You will be missed.



Him keeping our country safe???? Him messing with Nuclear stuff???? I think I hear those retarded sirens going off. Take cover!!!!!


Good luck, and you will be asset to this Gov't and our allies........

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All the best to you my friend. By the way don't show off on how many reps you can do in PT Physical training because they will hold you to a higher standard and kill you more than the others. Just a suggestion the drill sargeants can be really rough to a wierd extent. Good Luck in your new adventure.

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Things didn't exactly work out. My recruiter is a freaking liar. I'm out of the military. I hated it. It felt like a prison. However, that's the least of my problems:


I left NYC for Chicago. I took a flight to O'Hare. Then a bus took us to the base. The problems began immediately. I was called a retard because I took too long to take off my civilian shoes and put on the military boots. On the first night I got no sleep. At 3:30 AM me and a few guys were instructed to sweep the floors. I swept the floor but got cursed out because I swept diagonally, not side to side. The next day the RDC (drill instructor) said he was going to break my knees because I marched wrong. The RDC made my life a living hell. His favorite word began with f and rhymed with buck. He made all of the Subchat trolls look like saints. He called me idiot, moron, every vulgar insult you can imagine. Everyone at bootcamp had a surly attitude, even the people in the galley (cafeteria). Thee was no shower. There was a sprinkler that 5 guys had to use at a time to clean themselves. I asked myself what did I do to deserve this. I didn't want to be in the military in the first place. The only reason I joined was because an older sibling joined. I would've been better off in the Coast Guard. I eventually said screw it (that's not the word I used) and just asked to be released.


I spent the next three weeks in a separation unit. I had to pay back the money for equipment I never used. The only good thing is that on the day I left I hung out in downtown Chicago. Sears Tower is freaking huge. I railfanned the CTA from O'Hare to the Loop. I got back to NYC on Monday night. I already felt like crap. However, things took a tragic turn. On Wednesday at 2 AM I was looking at a CTA map and getting ready to go to sleep. Someone kept knocking on the door. I reluctantly answered it. I found out that one of my neighbors committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree with a noose. The guy who did that was my dad's best friend. He was the last guy you'd expect to do that. He always had a smile. However, his wife recently passed away, his son was in prison, and people took advantage of him and asked him for money. Maybe that did it.


In case you can't tell I've officially hit rock bottom. It will be a while before I start railfanning and taking pics. Between my job situation and seeing the cop car outside my neighbor's house I'm an emotional mess. I don't know what I did to deserve this. If I wronged anyone in the past then I apologize. I even apologize for insulting Brian Weinberg about his religion. I'm not the same person you once knew. The cup is half empty.

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