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No Flash Pictures and other

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The result of using the camera, from the two buses on another thread, with no flash whatsoever.






Used for my desktop background:






That's about it for now. I wish I have my own camera and take more of these pictures but sadly I'm stuck with a camera phone :sighs:


Enjoy!and have a nice day!

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Nice pics


I love them all...my favs are the 3rd and 5th pics:tup:


Awesome photos. I am amazed with those photos. I hope you get a digital camera for yourself in the near future.

Thanks! and yeah...I hope...

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Those are great for a cell phone.


Yeah...it wasn't a cell phone but my mom's camera. from 2006...


The reason I bump this thread because now I want you opinions on these pics. No flash whatsoever still but done some editing around with Paint.NET(cannot afford Photoshop) and IMO, it didn't come out too bad.


(I might have messed this one up tho)


But the other two is good-ish...



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