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Bridge and Tunnel Officer Position


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Does anyone know anything about the MTA's Bridge & Tunnel Officer position? Thank you in advance for your help!




Here are some bits from a thread on officers.com (thread titled Tbta 2065)


3 months in the academy, and 1 month field training.


they cover NYS CPL & Penal Law, TBTA Rules and Regulations, Firearms Training, First Aid, and alot more.


With manditory ot, you`re looking at $58,000-$65,000 for the first year!


from one of the posters who recently became a TBTA officer.


hey all, just wanted to pop in and say hello.


We graduated the academy on 6/29. It was 16 loonnngg weeks lol.


Academy was great, I feel we learned alot and so far in my 1 week otj I've put alot of the training to use.


So far this job is greeeaaaaaattttt! I love going to work everyday! I lucked out with my facility, they are big with law enforcement, and the bosses are great. Everyone that came to this facility from the class all ended up on the same schedule and we all have almost zero tolls in our chart (we mainly do checkpoints, and work the plaza. A few of us have worked the HOV enforcement, and got rmp assignments already).


the first couple nights were a little crazy, not knowing what to expect. My first car stop, I was a nervous wreck hahahahaha. But much much better now lol. Still learning alot each day, and the guys are great. They really took us under their wings and taught us a few things about collars, and summonses, court testimony, one guy took me in the rmp and taught me alot about the right way to patrol the facility (and there is alot to it! I thought it was just driving across one end and back to the other.....boy was I wrong!).

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