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40 miles per gallon? 1923 Model-T Ford still humming along


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It's still 2009, but Bay Ridge residents would be forgiven for questioning that after watching Henry Kobasky motor by in his 1923 Model T.


Smoking a pipe and listening to a portable radio, the retired school principal may be the only Model T owner in the city running daily errands in the vintage vehicle.


"Henry Ford was a genius. He made a car that can last forever, and I hope I can last long enough to prove it," said Kobasky, 78, who bought the antique 40 years ago for $900.


It lacks modern must-haves like air conditioning, power steering and even seat belts - and its horsepower is only slightly better than some top-of-the-line riding mowers.


But Kobasky touts its fuel efficiency and simplicity, insisting he'd take his classic car over a fancy hybrid any day.


Full story: http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2009/07/27/2009-07-27_40_miles_per_gallon_car_fits_him_to_a_t.html#ixzz0MTQ3SqQE



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No, you don't, they are an absolute pain to drive & are not built very well. :) The drivetrain might last a long time, but the finish is rough, the body panels rarely fit evenly etc etc. The reason why it was so cheap isn't the assembly line, it's because it's a kia rio of yore.


The controls are totally different from modern cars, in fact up until the austin 7 which was copied the world over, there was no "standard" control set. Also the standard wooden wheels on solid rubber tires don't give a very comfy ride. :)


And a genius, no, an anti-semite racist with OCD who had an idea that put interurban trolly lines out of business. Now we have today this car infection problem where if you don't have a car something's wrong with you. Don't get me wrong, i love a ford GT or a dodge viper, or many other very cool & interesting cars (and some trucks), but the whole mostly one person in car on road with relatively untrained drivers with varying skill just doesn't work.


All that being said, it is cool to see something that reminds us that not all modern things are improvements & gives us some pause to think. :cool:


- A

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