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Red Hook IKEA to stop free ferry service and add a $5 charge


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They're taking the "free" out of freeloading.


IKEA announced this week it will begin charging $5 to weekday riders who don't shop in the Red Hook store but want to use its water taxi service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.


"Why would you do something nice just to stab people in the back afterwards?" said filmmaker Eduardo Band, 39, as he waited on line for the water taxi. "Most of the people that ride it are from the neighborhood. They're not being very neighborly."


Starting Aug. 3, only shoppers who spend at least $10 at the Swedish furniture retailer on Beard St. can enjoy the scenic ride from Red Hook to Pier 11 in Manhattan for free. Weekend service will remain free of charge for all riders.


"That's just ridiculous," said Red Hook handyman Carlos Mendez, 44, who uses the free service weekly to travel to his favorite Manhattan sub shop. "That means I have to buy like 10 hot dogs just to get on. It's unfair."


"It's just bad politics," said retiree Lloyd Pryor, 64, who regularly uses the water taxi to grab a lunch of Swedish meatballs at IKEA. "People come from all over to ride this for free - like the Staten Island ferry. They're missing a golden opportunity to become a New York institution.


Full story: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/brooklyn/2009/07/23/2009-07-23_red_hook_ikea_to_stop_free_ferry_service_soon_add_5_charge.html#ixzz0MTRB6mJx



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