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R44 (F) Train!!!!

R32 3838

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I got this on the (F) Last Night:







I Rather these on the (F) than the (A), The ride was so great, I hate these cars but damn they ran good on the Queens Bivd Line.


The Reason:

Jamaica Yard could not send (F) trains that does the deadhead trip to Euclid at night (Trains that start service there at Night) Because of the Track work (Work Train was already on the manhattan bound EXP track), By the way the Track work has been completed and they had to slap the 4 car set R46 (G) trains together at court Sq. So Pitkin had to send most of their R46's and 1 R44 on the (F) to full the gap.


I have More photos that I will post in the middle of the week.

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Noone besides railfans, or anyone that knows the diff between the cars. NOONE noticed those cars are pretty much the same thing minus side strip and glass panels on the woodgrain sides.

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I think it was a one time thing because of the g.o. (service change) :)


Agreed...it was a one time thing...don't expect it to happen again.

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Back to the line it debuted on. Wonder how many F riders noticed (wasn't quite the same as an R46)? Not many I bet.


Heh... (transverse seating)


"Hey this armrest isn't as comfortable, what'd they do?"

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