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Want to get rich? Watch this spoof comic infomerical

Shortline Bus

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Hey don't laugh. It's an obvious parody and pretty funny but there really are people who ALL they care about is money.


I'm sure if you read through the comments on that video you will find a few idiots going "OMG where can i buy this book?" because they WANT it even though it's an obvious spoof.


Sometimes I feel like the Joker in Dark Knight when explaining about these money hungry a-holes who will sell their first borns into sexual slavery and cut off their Blarney Stones for a few hundred million bucks (if ya know what I mean...) :D



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Seriously later this year i may but this cheating' book as a Christmas 'stock stuffers'/extra holidays gifts i maybe buy this book to share some laughs with relatives/friends and co workers.:cool:


Off topic but related. Anyone remembers 'free monies' and or 'get paid the government' book series and those strange infomericals by so called 'free money man' Matthew Lesko a several years back? The guy(Lesko) with those eye catching money suits lol. Here he is lol.



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