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MTH Premier Amtrak AEM-7 North East Flyer

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Here is my MTH Premier Amtrak AEM-7 with protosound 1. Along with this very fast engine are my 4 Atlas O Horizon Cars. The dinette is last. These are beautiful cars. This train looks really good flying down down the track. Hope you guys like... thanks and enjoy. :nec:
















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You banked your own tracks, nice!


It was quite easy with the Gargraves screws Frank sold me at Trainworld along with my drill and screwdriver heads it reduced the time it took to do the job. I had to bolt them in because at first the tracks slipped and slid when the trains would run over them. They run much smoother now especially around the curves. With the help of four pieces from the graduated trestle set it's much safer.

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Nice stuff!


Thanks Henry! I told you I would eventually put up my trains for you to see. Still a few more to go. Stay tuned.


Nice collection!


Thank you Mark! I really appreciate it. Keep on the lookout for more trains.


By the way guys there are more videos I put up in the model railroading forum please check them out. Thanks again hope you enjoyed some of my trains.

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Glad you liked this fast one. I enjoyed making this one run while it was behaving well. the protosound 1 system stinks! No wonder why MTH developed PS2. its a much easier program to control. See you on the next train...

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