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Can't get onto Subchat


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LMAOOOOO!...its some ppl on there I'm cool the rest boy oh boy....I need a drink after reading 20+ comments of flame wars!


I know several guy on there who are good, but many are... well you know.

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Heh...you sure you're just talking about subchat and not the entire 'hobby'? ;)


On second thought, yea the whole hobbie. I think I know enought that I can count them all on both and hands and thats it.

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Heh, I need a daily dose of Weinberg.

Wait, never mind. :cool:


Before this thread gets too out of hand, god I'm just so sick of that guy basically like pointing out almost everything I post. It's like he's trying to drag me into a stupid flame war for no reason.

If not for him, it's basically OT chat you can just avoid and the site is just fine


Also speaking of Weinberg, can anyone tell me what happened to him? I'll take the answer via pm, thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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