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R1Toasty returns to the city (yes, 56k warning)


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Hey guys, it's been a while, mostly because it's also been a while since I've been to the city. As for this round's pictures, I did my best, but I realized too late that I forgot to charge my camcorder (ie, standing in DeKalb wondering why it wouldn't turn on), so most of these are the best of what I could get with my phone. Enjoy!





Begin phone pictures...


This next one is supposed to be a (Q), not a (D)



The old (Q6)/(Q) mixup


I've never seen the circles in person before...


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@ Mark1447, I'll make them smaller, I didn't realize I forgot to change photobucket's import settings back to smaller pics after my last import.


@ lilbluefoxie, the caged stairs go to Bowery's unused second mezzanine.

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Nice pics! The first 3 don't look like phone pics at all, so I'm assuming your camcorder ran out of battery after the first three were taken (which would also explain the difference in resolution).

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