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City will fork over millions in tolls to MTA for using bridges & tunnels


Should the city pay back the MTA for using its bridges and tunnels?  

  1. 1. Should the city pay back the MTA for using its bridges and tunnels?

    • Yes, they should
    • No, they shouldn't

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City Hall has agreed to pay the MTA millions of dollars a year to cover the cost of bridge and tunnel tolls racked up by city workers on the job, the Daily News has learned.


The deal ends a nearly yearlong dispute between the city and the Metropolitan Transporation Authority over the tolls, which had been waived for municipal workers.


The MTA - which planned to bill the city for the tolls - agreed to exempt marked police cars and fire trucks, officials said.


Spokesmen for the MTA and Bloomberg couldn't estimate how much the city's tab would be other than to say it would be millions of dollars annually.


"Clearly emergency vehicles should be exempted, and we agreed a reasonable amount should be paid to cover the cost of nonemergency vehicles," said Mark LaVorgna, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg.


"The reason emergency vehicles are using MTA facilities is to serve the public and save lives," LaVorgna said.


Full story: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/07/31/2009-07-31_well_pay_mta_tolls_tab__city_will_fork_over_millions_in_fees_for_using_bridges__.html#ixzz0Mr5jJbOC



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I voted "yes they should" because the it is our city, therefore our tax dollars should go and make it better. Personally, I don't think the (MTA) should be handling bridges and tunnels. They should focus on mass transit in the greater New York area. That is one of the many reasons why they're not doing too well. So, I think the city should pay for the bridges and tunnels directly and manage it themselves. Don't pay for some other agency to manage it and maintain it.

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Give bridges to NYDOT and let albany take care of them.


I voted yes because (MTA) needs all the funding help it can get to not stumble and take millions of people down with it.


- A

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