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I never got called for T/O back and now I am off the list again

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What a F&%$# nightmare this whole ordeal has become.


I was on Medical hold back in March,and missed the time I could bring my papers in.I was reinstated and was on the outstanding certification from Mid may to Mid July.I never received a letter or a phone call,Nothing.I am now off of the list once again.Now I have to use up my FINAL reinstatement.


What a joke this is.THe question I have is,when my name is restored to the list,and I am once again o the "outstanding certification",should I just go down to 180 Livingston and take the drug test,or do I have to wait until I get the offical letter??


I already hate The MTA with a Passion.What a process.


On a Good Note,I have been losing weight and lowering my Blood Pressure,so when I go in again,I should be in a more normal range like 140/80 rather than the 160/104 and 190/110 readings I got the last time.


Any advice is welcome.Thanks.

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Go get your final reinstatement, and they suppose to move you to the top of the certification list, so when they call again, you would be one of the first called. Keep calling MTA, also........

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