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My New Project is 1/3 Complete! (open to find out what it is)

Fan Railer

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OK! My ongoing project is the filming of the entire (A) line railfan style on an R46!:eek: Filming downtown first. I am done filming 207th - Chambers Street, but i will not post vids here until i am done with the entire project:(, but you can check my youtube account for the vids (parts 1-6 out of 14 are already up), just type "R46 A Train Railfan Part One" and the links to the other vids are in the discription.:cool:

I will however, post the multitude (28 or so, lol:confused:) of other vids in a separate thread.:(

Go Here to see: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11988


After, i am planning to film uptown on an R32 before the end of their lives.:)

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Just keep on top of G.O. and emergency/on the fly reroutes.

- A


i can deal with GO's (film only on weekdays)

i haven't experienced a re-route yet, so i'll take my chances.


I'm setting my completion date to before school starts (9/10 for me), but with my current schedule, i think i can have it done before the last week of august.

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hahah nice! I'm doing the exact same thing only with the BMT portion of the (R) with SMEE's. I have so far: Queens Plaza to 95th street, and Court street to Queens Plaza. The only section left that I have to do is 95th street to Court street. When it's done I'll edit it up and put it on youtube.

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