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Stopping by and a question about R-110A

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Hey, good to see you back!


unlikely that they will be put into service, but as of the reason of the yard transfer, some of the others would have better answers.


personally, i would like to see them in service on the (S).

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The R110As (I call them the R130s because they are technically R130s under their contract) will probably never enter service again. If they do, it won't be anytime soon. They probably may be used as school cars, though.

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Well. About last month Cars 8001-8010 was transfered by 5 car set from E239th Street yard( which houses the (2) and shares (1)(3)(4)<5> sometimes). During midnight some where mid June, they were moved to Concourse yard, next day I headed to check on em. Met up with a member here who told me that they may go CI in future for work service or skool use. Its Unsure. They are of course in bad shape in the side the dude told me


Check these two topics for a check up on R130:


From me:




From R33WF:





BTW June 19, is when they got in

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