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Subway urban legends


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I wasn't sure if this would pertain to this group or the off topic group, although I am referring only to the subway.


Before I go on, we all know the subway is a cultural icon all within itself. It's a relic from an bygone era, it went through a period where vandals ran the system - resulting in the almost "Twilight Zone" NYC we see in movies like the Warriors, and now it might seem a bit more sanitized - but the stories of childhood still fascinate me. If the Moscow metro is like a palace, our subway is like a mad sketchy abandoned hospital.


I guess the story that I'll contribute is one that got passed around, about an incident on some Bronx-bound train in the middle of the night. There was this chick, and a guy in in scrubs who must have just gotten off his shift at a hospital. Also on the train there were two real sketchy looking characters with a woman wearing large, gazelle-like sunglasses sitting in between them, and she was completely motionless. The dude in the scrubs gives the woman a close look, obviously there's something wrong with this picture - and stands up, trying to nonchalantly walk to the end of the car, and hop over to the next car, but the doors were locked. (So I guess we can assume they were in a 75-foot car, POSSIBLY on the (:P/(D).) They pull into a station, and just as the doors are about to close, he yells at the chick that she's gotta get off with him, that it's an emergency... he forcibly pulls her out... They both rush off as the doors shut right behind them.


Evidently, according to the legend, he scrutinized the skin tone and complete motionless of this woman, and she was most definitely already dead.


Even as a kid I never believed this story fully, but maybe you guys have some of your own that you'd like to share, just for fun.

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