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Pittsburgh's South Busway

R62A 1991

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I've conquered all 3 now. Except I didn't bring my camera for the East, which is by far the best of them all. I didn't take any real good pics, but here are some. Some info first:

This is the first busway in the United States apparently, and it shows its age through some real bumpy parts.

It shares trackage with the T in some places. I was shocked! I assumed it would have its own road and the T would have its own track. Nope.

No one was at any of the stops on the Busway. And you'll see that they're not as big as the ones on the West anyway:

South end at Glenbury:




Here comes my bus:


Video of the ride:


And afterwards, once I got to downtown & Oakland again.




My next step is to actually take the T. And I only have 2 more days to do it. I'll try. Special thanks to Jonesy, who's provided good insight on transit here. Hope you enjoyed. I'll get better with this camera soon.

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you did what I told you good job looks good havne'nt rode the South Busway in a while either I'll be on the rails more often in the coming month one of my operator friends just transfered over to the Light Rail lines hes in training now....look like you had a Phantom on the curry thats very RARE and that 3063 you took a picture of is a rolling piece of poop it always breaks down....I dont know if you watched the news last night but a 3000 Series artic caught fire out in Plum Borough toasted the whole rear end that bus is done!!!

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