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Handrawn: FW-01 Rapid Transit/Commuter Rail Vehicle

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This is a railcar for my fantasy system, it is called FW-01 or "Prosperity". "FW" comes from its Chinese name Fan Wing (Cantonese pronunciation), which translates as Propserity.


There are 5 doors to each car, each train is composed of 10 cars: 4 motors and 6 trailers. MTTTMMTTTM. These cars have very high capacities, as they are designed to hold crowds. The dimensions of the cars are similar to those of the real MTR.

Specifications (they are all in metric):

Height: 3.91 metres (12.83 feet)

Width: 3.2 metres (10.5 feet)

Length: 25 metres (82 feet)

The trains use overhead power, 1500 V DC.


All seating will be longitudinal, like the real MTR cars. That way, the cars can hold more people. This train, unlike the MTR, will not be used for conventional metro purposes, but rather for RER-like (Stadtbahn) services. The metro version will be 3 metres (9.84 feet) wide and 20 metres long (65.6 feet). The metro version will be called "Harmony" and will have the designation "WH" (for 'Wo Hai', Cantonese for harmony). I will upload that one tomorrow.



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Nice railcar, it looks pretty streamlined and fast moving. Kinda looks like a Air-Train/Shanghai Metro Mutt.

Thanks, nope, it's not modelled or does resemble ALRV vehicles, but I have to admit, these do resemble stock found on the Shanghai Metro, a bit.

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