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Some buildings I drew

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With the exception of the tower that looks like a Freedom Tower replica, all buildings are designed by "moi". One of the buidings looks like a clarinet mouthpiece. The "railway station" (the only labelled structure) has design elements similar to those of the Sydney Opera House. The tower at the top is basically Freedom Tower x 2, if you want it to be. One of the structures is not meant to be included, it was drawn using techniques from calculus class.



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Interesting buildings there Henry, and the railway building looks like it's my fave.

Really? Thanks

The railway station is fascinating itself in terms of the engineering behind it. I specifically used a right angle to adjoin the large shell with the shell on the right, that will enhance the structure. From now on, my structures will use a good deal of geometry to enhance the general structure.

My personal favourite is the Tin Fai Tower (which would be the clarinet mouthpiece shaped building). But I have to look at the architecture again, I'm afraid the bottom part will not be able to support the load on the upper section, given the design.

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No problem Henry, the railway station structure looks like it could also be the next generation of American railway station construction.


For the clarinet tower, you would be good but you need a slightly wider base, also it should be made more like a 'right triangular' shape.

No, I tend for a circular base, that way the forces are distributed more evenly. In a right triangular shape, the forces will tend to go towards the angles. While the structure will be intact after completion, it will not be as structurally sound as a building whose base is circular.

With that said, I will have two concentric circles, each delineating the circumference of each portion. What I can do is, reduce the radius of the larger circle. That way the top half would not be as heavy and the bottom half could sustain the load exerted on the top.

The exoskeleton will be made out of the lightest materials possible in order not to add any additional weight to the top. The core will be made of steel and concrete with other heavy elements in order to sustain the structure.

I will add some arches (or slope elements) adjoining the exoskeleton of the top and bottom sections. That will help out with preserving the structural integrity of the tower.

You did this in pencil? Some parts of this look a little light.

Yeah, I did all of this in pencil. Some were erased, especially the figure on the bottom. Pre-CAD designers/architects use pencils for their drawings. But of course, their pencils are a gazillion times better than mine.

Nice building ideas!


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The illustrations are really interesting, great job on them.

Thank you, Matt

Also, consider in the weight as well as many gravatational forces and natural phenomals such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Down/Microbursts and Earthquakes.

Earthquakes depend largely on the skeleton of the structure and the foundations. There are seismic regulations for skyscrapers, they are strictly enforced in the West Coast, since seismic activity is a concern there. Please, a tower will be designed for a certain location and will be designed to adapt to local climatic conditions. Hong Kong is an area frequently threatened by typhoons, look how many skyscrapers it has. It's frequently called the Manhattan of Asia. I'm sure architects focus on what could most likely happen to a building rather than what kind of random thing could happen. I don't expect architects in the Great Plains to build skyscrapers that can withstand avalanches or buildings in Arizona that have "enhanced tornado security". If tornadoes are a frequent problem in a location, there should be height restrictions too.

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