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(M) - Can it be extended?

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Well, I have this idea thought for a long time and never brought it up, but now it is unleashed.


The (M)'s northern last stop is Metropolitain Ave. and it just ended there. But, there is a vital connection it could make and increase ridership. The (M) could be extended to Queens Blvd. The extended portion could consist of a underground Metropolitan Ave. stop following by the frieght tracks and connect onto 69th Street. and turn on Elliot Ave. And the following:


-Luthern Ave. (Luthern Ave. + Elliot Ave.)

-Caldwell Ave. (Calwell Ave. + Elliot Ave.)

-Woodhaven Blvd. (Woodhaven Blvd. + Elliot Ave.)

-Junction Blvd. (LIE and Junction Blvd.) - connection to (V)(G)(R).

Plus 3:

-108th St. (LIE and 108th Street)

-Flushing Meadows Park. by LIE.

-Main St. (LIE and Main St.)


This'll be some ideas that can let the (M) can have more riders.


I've lived in Middle Village all my life and there's definitely no way a subway will ever run down Eliot Ave. The neighborhood would never allow and it's really kind of pointless. If there's one this neighborhood doesn't complain about it's more transportation, everyone is pretty content here with what we have. People near Caldwell/Eliot Aves are close enough to Woodhaven Blvd that they'd probably prefer to catch the train there to Manhattan. And why does the (M) need more riders??

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The M is a bad candidate for extension.

Consider this: the ride is pretty darn slow in Northern Brooklyn and Queens. I don't think riders would appreciate it if it's extended to Flushing without addressing current issues.

I think if M service ought to improve, then these must be addressed: fixing the sharp curves and the grade junction east of Myrtle. Addressing these will streamline people's commutes. But unfortunately, addressing these issues would mean a lot of construction related detours/shutdowns (GOs)

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