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Broken-down train today


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I had quite a trip today. At least it was all on the way home.


I was on the way back from New Haven on the 4:50 and we got stuck at Bridgehamption for about half an hour because a train in front of us broke down. Anyone know what happened? I was almost on that train but we decided not to rush and get the next one.


Incidentally, on my way home from Grand Central, I got on a (2) from Times Square, and then they announced that it was the last stop and kicked everybody off before leaving. Any idea what that was about?

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At least it wasn't during a Rush!


It was during a rush. Three out of four of the tracks on the New Haven mainline were shut down, and that left one remaining track to run all MNRR, SLE and Amtrak trains running in BOTH directions between New Haven and GCT. This all happened between 5 and 6 pm on a Friday. There may not have been a worse time for this to have happened, aside from a holiday.

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