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AmCals!and three buses!


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At my home station again to drop off someone at Amtrak and managed to get some pics.These pics were taken today and still has no camera to himself so I had to borrow it from my parents.

Electronic Timetable


AmCal bus(es):


CalTrain MOW truck


AmCal 711 to OKJ.




and yes Stockton station was a Santa Fe Depot(sadly the sign has been graffitied)



and Two buses that I don't think there should be a separate thread.



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It's rare that we get Amtrak photos outside of the NE! Excellent shots FTW!




The former SF routes have a lot of similar building design, as do most 'roads due to cost savings in similar building methods.


- A


nice pics ;) I see those Gilligs, look cool ;)




What company owns and operates that MCI 'J' for Amtrak California?


Um I don't remember. There are a couple but the name is not coming up to my mind. I'll check around the next time I go there again.

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I hope Amtrak didn't charge people train fare to ride a bus


You cannot ride the buses unless if your trip includes a train ride. You only get charged for the train, not the buses(no it doesn't mean a free bus ride from where you came from)

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I believe you are charged for the additional travel on the bus beyond the train ride. Some cases may be a short one station ride on a train and then a fairly long thruway bus ride (such as Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe).

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