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Post your photos of incorrect rollsigns and station signs


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What exactly is it that you're asking for?


I think he's asking people to show their photos of rare rollsigns. Such as the <R>. Like when they put weird or wrong signs on the roll signs in todays service. I once saw a yellow (:) on a train.

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Yes I browsed through the signs, but I put it back to the orginial destination!


would of been weirder to leave it at any place like (JFK) JFK Express or sumin lol, but thats nice of you so people wouldn't get confused!

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LOL TRAIN TO THE PLANE :P! And i thought u were trusted to put it bk xD


At least now its not JFK Express to JFK, But Rather Via Concourse instead of 57th St, Take it to Rockaway Ave for the (A) to JFK for Airtrain

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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