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Possible new subway connections?


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Firstly please do not tell me to go to some fantasy forum for foamers. If my ideas are unrealistic please say so and explain why.


I was commenting on another thread and learnt that there will be a new transfer from (A)(C)(F) Jay St-Borough Hall station to Lawrence St-Metro Tech (M)(R). I was wondering if the (MTA) might consider opening these new transfers:


(A) A connection between the Fulton Street trains and the (2)(3) and possibly (4)(5) at either Hoyt St or Nevins St would certainly be a boon, given that you could take the (2)(3)(4)(5) trains to Atlantic Avenue and transfer to the and (:o(D)(N)(Q), without having to go to Manhattan. Currently its only possible to go from the Fulton St line to the (2)(3) by taking the (C) to Franklin Av and transferring to the (S) shuttle and going to Botanic Gardens.


(;) A connection from the Eighth Avenue line to the (1) in Lower Manhattan, seeing that the transfer at Chambers St is with the (2) and (3) at Park Place instead. While 6 Av (F)(V) riders can transfer directly at 14th St, (A)(C)(E) riders would need to transfer to the (L) first, or exit the 8 Av line and walk (say, at Chambers St or from W4 to Christopher). While I understand that construction in Lower Manhattan is not easy, it would certainly provide an easier way to get to South Ferry. (The Bowling Green (4)(5) and Whitehall St (R)(W) stations are a short walk from the SI Ferry terminal, while the (1) connects to it directly, so for ferry riders, it is much better to take the (1).


Please let me know why these new connections/intra-subway transfers will or will not be feasible and if there are any plans to go ahead with one of both of them.

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The two Hoyt Sts transfer is the most feasible to me. They are only 2 short blocks away from each other, and Hoyt/Fulton IRT has an abandoned entrance on the SB side that could be used. That unfortunately only includes the 7th Av IRT, but it's a 1-stop transfer to the Lex IRT.

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Your thoughts sound good Transfer points are inportant for everybody.

ahhh (W)hat is (A) Foamer??;)




This from Wikipedia:


"Excessively enthusiastic railfans are sometimes referred to pejoratively as foamers, especially by American rail workers, in reference to the joking notion that they foam at the mouth in their excitement over train operations. FRN (fu**ing rail nut) is a similarly-used term in the American rail industry."


On this site it is used to refer to people who propose and vehemently defend unrealistic/fantastic modifications of the subway system without an in-depth analysis or consideration of issues such as cost, adverse social effects, environmental degradation etc.

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That is one of many reasons for a transit hub in Lower Manhattan. The Fulton Street Transit Center/World Trade Center Transit Hub's main purpose is to open more transfer options for millions of riders. After everything's done, the options that will exist would make things much easier for riders. I mean, imagine wanting to transfer to the (E) to the (R) & (W) lines without having to use that transfer in Queens and/or 42nd Street. (E) riders could just stay on the train to World Trade Center and then transfer to the (R) & (W) lines.


I could go on and on but I'm drawing the line here.


I personally believe the Fulton Street Transit Center is the single most important (MTA) Capital Project right now. However, FSTC will only connect Fulton St-Broadway Nassau (2)(3)(4)(5)(A)(C)(J)(M)(Z) with the (E) and (R)(W) via a passageway outside fare control, so it would not be a free transfer. There are also no plans to link the Chambers St (1) with the rest of the Transit Center. This is why I asked if a connection from the (1) to the Eighth Avenue line is being considered or planned.

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