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B&O, PRR, and Philadelphia question....


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So, i know that the PRR had broad street station, and that B&O had 24th st station. My question: does the tunnel track near the art museum still carry trains from the old PRR main line that connected into broad street station into philly?


If so, how often, and what usually goes though there? Does anyone have photos of construction or any other historical documentation on this connection?


I was looking desperately at some old RR photos to try and find the alignment of this connection, it was given away by a single ventilation opening that i saw on google earth on what i guessed it would be based on the other alignments and the max turn radius and average turn radius etc. Any information on this very old connection would be appreciated!


- A

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Yup the B&O line is still used. Owned by CSX and how trains get to the Trenton line(actually believe its considered part of the Trenton sub). There is a park on North 24th street, Fairmount park IIRC or part of it with a baseball field and I think a soccer field thats next to it. I think this may have been where there B&O station or at least a yard was.


On the subject of the PRR and Broad St.


When you leave 30th heading rr east and cross the Schuylkill the tracks you go over are the old B&O/Reading. There is a WYE on the right side of the train further down as you cross. That WYE has a spur that connects with the NEC. That however is not how trains from the PRR got to Broad. Broad Street Station was what is now the Penn Center IIRC. According to a few sources JFK Blvd follows its path and using Bing maps I found the ROW or where it would have been. Its in between the current SEPTA Line and the JFK Blvd. If you go right across from 30th its pretty easy to make out.

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