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Roll Sign Play, and some shots from yesterday


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Yesterday, me and my friend Tyreek went to 1234 and messed with the roll sign on the trolley, here's some of the random results:


13 23-Venango




34 3-Wyoming



36 Wayne and Carpenter



15 (short route) Wayne and Chelten



11 Torresdale and Erie



and now for the transit shots:


5576 with a messed up display, the "Frankford" Is misplaced



8183 with missing stickers



8178 chilling at the 58 layover point:



8184 on the wrong route....



my camera died and i had to replace them before taking these two shots of the E40s





someone else was there with me at the 66 stop taking pictures, but i dunno who, i was just thinking about those trash truck ZFers, 5781 passed by me, and sounded exactly like a 5600, i did not hear any ZF whirring from that bus...


anyway, ENJOY!!!! ;);););)

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Nice pix from Ol' Town Pennsylvania.

thanks dude I never heard someone call Philly "Ol Town PA" but it works... now that i think about it... i never really heard any nicknames for Philly, i'm still getting used to people calling it "The City of Brotherly Love" :P:(

Nice photos!

bah, i've seen better, but thanks

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That nickname is thanks to the experience in Pocono, PA, Reading, PA and Lancaster Co. as well as Philly as been an old US Capitol.


And no problem.

I learned about some of that stuff... weird how things are now lol the US capital is it's own city/state, yet, it's not labeled as a separate state or part of Maryland, it's just Washington DC
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Good thing you caught those Comly hyrbids when you did; for some bizarre reason, Comly doens't run the hybrids on Saturdays or Sundays, but instead opt to run a lot of NABIs. On the flip side, now that Frankford is starting to get their batch of hybrids, it will make for some interesting bus fanning at Bridge-Pratt.

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