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Providence & Worcester CT-1 along the Air Line Route in CT

Fred G

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I went railfanning with EBTMikado yesterday, and we chased Providence & Worcester CT-1 along the old Air Line Route of the NYNHH from east Wallingford to Middletown and across the CT River to Portland. I hope you enjoy these.



East Center St in Wallingford



Even slow freights can get a pan shot.





This is at Tilcon's plant at Reed's Gap in Durham, where stone hoppers are changed out.





You can see a little sway here due to the track; the speeds are slow through here as you can imagine.



Thanks to some bonehead serpentine route through Middletown, we got here late to the party of crossing the CT River. I won't mention any

names but his initials are FG. (We thought we had more time due to the need for the train crew to operate the bridge; today must have had some yard person available to close the bridge for the crew before arrival.)



switching in Portland at the Middlesex Recycling facility. Open box cars are filled with recycled stuff and hauled away. Empties are





Heading toward Middletown on the CT River


We lost track of them on their return trip to Cedar Hill but wound up over in North Haven so we waited out the Vermonter, train 56.





Shot through the signals. That's the Cedar Hill lead on the right.


** bonus pics **


We spotted the Branford Steam RR train hauling stone hoppers for Tilcon in North Branford. EBTMikado lost no time in directing us to an


excellent photo spot where these shots were captured.






As usual, there is an album. Enjoy!


Thanks for viewing


your pal,


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Awsome pics Fred! Man so much grass for teh railway. I hope it doesnt cause a problem to the trains that passes it as they grow more.


Thanks, Mark! It's that one train a day look that keeps the lawn in good shape :P Funny thing is that before the shore line was built, this was the route to Boston from New Haven.


Fred those Photos are great!


I love the Pan. I plan on experimenting in the next 3 weeks with pans as I have vacation from work and that shot gives me even more motivation to try some out!


Thanks! Pan shots are fun.


Hot man!:tup::tup::cool:


Thanks, Z!


Dammit Fred, you did it again.


Thanks, TexasDART!


Beautiful pics!


Thanks Curtis B)

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These trains could have looked ugly before you arrived, but they look awesome after you arrived with your camera, incredible job Fred as always!


Why thank you!


Holy nostalga, GE -8E's in a groovie retro color livery! :eek::eek::tup:



Nice job man! :eek:


- A


Thanks, (A) I love the P&W trains.

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