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R142 LCD Notation


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...ok before you move this over to IRT, i ask a question about R160's at the end so please dont :)


alright so as many of you already know there are storage tracks where they hold the (4) between Utica and Sutter Avenues. so one day i was on my way to Utica, and as im passing those storage tracks on the (3) i see one of the R142 layed up saying


(1) Broadway Local


thats all i can see as my train roared on ahead, but naturally i was excited because i love rollsigns and seeing a new one on the train makes me :)


so now yesterday im going to utica again, and i see another R142 (i dont know if it was the same one, too dark to see car number) and i see


(7) Willets Pt- Shea

(7) Flushing EXP


and i was like :cool: especially since i saw the diamond <7> in red.


So my questions are:


1) Does anyone know all of the LCD notations for each line? Like I was surprised when the (1) said Broadway Local instead of 7 Ave Local....but then again my train moving too fast....


2) Anyone know of any special notations that we wouldnt see otherwise? I've only made one other thread, and i talked abt how saw the (4) VIA PELHAM LINE


3) Does the R142 carry IND/BMT signs? Does the R46/R160 carry IRT signs?

I know for a fact the R46 can at least display numbers in the biggest square where the route letter should be because on day at W4th street a messed up sign that pushed everything to the left. It was like

(J)amiaca- 179th st

(6) ave/ 63st lcl

(Q)ueens Blvd Exp


Any answers would be very much appreciated!! Thank you!:):cool:

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3) No, the A Division's trains don't carry B Division signs. They were made for the A Division. The B division's trains do not carry A division stuff......... That messed up sign was just an error....


Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Gotcha for some of them. The bullets are just numbers on the actual sign. When I say "can also," the substitute sign replaces the other one.


2|7 Av EXP (can also display Bronx-7 Av EXP)

2|Eastern Pkwy Lcl

2|Flatbush Av (can also display New Lots Av or Crown Hts-Utica)


2|7 Av EXP

2|Eastern Pkwy EXP

2|Crown Hts-Utica

Saw the above 3 years ago on an R142A.


2|7 Av EXP

2|Bronx Lcl (can also display Bronx EXP)

2|Wakefield-241 St (can also display Nereid Av-238 St)


2|via Lex Av EXP

2|Eastern Pkwy Lcl

2|Flatbush Av


2|Eastern Pkwy Lcl

2|via Lex Av EXP

2|Wakefield-241 St

I'm sure about the above one unless they've changed it.



2|Atlantic Av


3|B'way-7 Av Express

3|To New Lots Av

The above was seen on May 31st, when R142s ran for the (3) shuttle.

3|B'way-7 Av Express

3|Harlem-148 St



3|Crown Hts-Utica


4|Lexington Av EXP (can also display Lexington Av Lcl)

4|Eastern Pkwy EXP (can also display Eastern Pkwy Lcl)

4|Crown Hts-Utica (can also display New Lots Av)


4|Bronx EXP

4|Lexington Av EXP

4|Crown Hts-Utica

The above was for the Pilot express and the G.O. this week.


4|Lexington Av EXP

4|Bowling Green


4|Eastern Pkwy EXP (Can also display Eastern Pkwy Lcl)

4|Lexington Av EXP (Can also display Lexington Av Lcl)

4|Woodlawn (Can also display 125 St, 161 St-Yankee Stad, Bedford Park Blvd, 149 St-Concourse)


5|Bronx-Lex Av EXP

5|Eastern Pkwy EXP

5|Flatbush Av (can also display Crown Hts-Utica or New Lots Av)


5|Lexington Av EXP

5|Eastern Pkwy EXP

5|Flatbush Av (can also display Crown Hts-Utica or New Lots Av)


5|via 7 Av EXP

5|Eastern Pkwy EXP (can also display Eastern Pkwy Lcl)

5|Flatbush Av


5|Bronx Lcl

5|Lexington Av EXP

5|Bowling Green



5|E 180 St


5|Lexington Av EXP

5|Bronx Lcl (can also display Bronx EXP)

5|Eastchester-Dyre Av (I think an "e" somewhere is missing, but can also display E 180 St)


5|Lexington Av EXP

5|Bronx EXP

5|Nereid Av-238 St


5|Eastern Pkwy EXP

5|Lexington Av EXP

5|149 St-Concourse


6|Lexington Av Lcl

6|Pelham Lcl

6|Parkchester (can also display Pelham Bay Park)


6|Lexington Av Lcl

6|Pelham EXP

6|Pelham Bay Park


6|Pelham Lcl (for the <6>, Pelham EXP)

6|Lexington Av Lcl

6|Brooklyn Bridge


6|Pelham Lcl

6|Lexington Av Lcl

6|Bowling Green


CurAke79 got the above on a late night G.O.


6|Lexington Av Lcl

6|Pelham Lcl

6|3 Av-138 St

Why this one displays "Pelham Lcl" I don't know.


Those are the ones I know off of the top of my head. Feel free to correct them if needed. You won't see B Div on A Div trains or vice-versa. I don't think the trains even have enough memory for that.

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WOW Thank you very much!!!!! :):):)


I love rollsigns, I actually wanted to do a project on rollsigns. Like, I would take a picture of each sign of the LCD and use photoshop to manipulate the letters and make it into some of the lesser seen rollsigns. an example would be:


2: Wakefield - 241st

4: Bronx Exp

4: Lexington Ave Exp

4: Woodlawn


i could take out letters from each


4: Bedford Pk Blvd


but everytime i tried to take a picture, the glare would be so wide i could never actually use them :cry:



anyway, do you know anything about the 4 via pelham line? i dont even know what thats a sign on the computer.


and in a random thought, i was saw a (5) to Gun Hill Rd. gotta love rollsigns:cool:

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