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Anyone uses the Tappan Zee(Rockland Coach)bus route to go to Palsides Center?

Shortline Bus

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Anyone uses the Tappan Zee(Rockland Coach)bus route to go to Palsides Center? What you like and dislike about it?


Personally i like it especially using the MCI Cross Country coaches. I do wish that Rockland County and Coach USA could run this service on Sundays as well at least between Tarrytown and Spring Valley from about 11am-6pm?

Feel free to comment here. Thanks

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Of course I use when I am doing adventure in Westchester-Rockland (NY) and Stamford CT Journey.

I love the Tappan Zee Express.

My first use: I ask Bee-Line 41 B/O for Tappan Zee Transfer and s/he understood.

Second one I took BL21 to TZX's 1st stop.

Third one I took: From CT Transit I-Bus to Tappan Zee Express with friend. I-Bus gave us CT Transfer for Tappan Zee Express, even thought I had Supersaver Ticket.

I miss TZX at Suffern Station, due to NJ Transit Main/Bergen Line was late, and SuperSavers merchant was not open yet. (I was getting ticket), but lucky I caught it at Spring Valley and took to Tarrytown to meet my friend at train station.


I remember somewhere between I caught announcement similar to Long Island Bus, and it said clearing "NOW APPROACHING West Nyack, Cedar and Main Sts." "THIS STOP TAPPAN ZEE EXPRESS TO TARRYTOWN OR WHITE PLAINS."





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I never use it but I see it very often, it is an affiliate of Coach USA. If you go to the Palisades Center Mall, I feel it is a pretty nice ride. I feel they should operate on Sundays. But, it is still a pretty decent ride, especially it connects White Plains to Suffern. But, I would use TOR Bus Route 59 most, since it connects me with Palisades Center Mall.


Here is a handy schedule I found: http://www.co.rockland.ny.us/PublicTrans/schedules/TZX_Complete.pdf


I have used it and I like it. When the current Tappan Zee bus line began around 2000-01 taking over from former extended TOR #59 service to/from White Plains Saturday service was dead w/ most trips having at most 5-6 people. When the mall(Palisides)opened around 2001 things changed. Now on Saturdays the line often gets close to full w/ majority of riders transfer/board between the Palsides and Tarrytown station.


That why i think Coach USA/Rockland Coach should create Sunday service w/ at least 90-minute headways between appx. 9am-6pm between Tarrytown and Spring Valley via the mall. Plus on most Sundays evenings people spending the weekend either in the City/Westchester or vice versa

the Tappan Zee Bridge gets rush hour-type backups as well. A bus would help for those short trip riders between Westchester and Roockland.

The only days the Tappan Zee Bus would not operate nder my plan would be Thanksgiving and Christmas Days when the mall is closed. On Sundays riders going between White Plains and Palsides/Spring Valley can also transfer to the Westchester/Bee Line #13 as well or use the Coach USA/Shortline Long Island Bus going to/from the Catskills serving Rockland.


Just my takes.

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Really great idea, the TappanZEExpress should have Sunday service so people spending their weekends at Westchester/City not only have to get back to their home, but also people on the Metro-North would not have to travel all the way to White Plains just to catch a Coach USA/Shortline.


But, speaking of ShortLine, I ride it every Friday now from my residentail school. It really is nice since it connects people from Nanuet to White Plains but cannot serve most of the purposes. That is why TappanZEExpress is needed to do more 'local-ized' stops. Also, the other purpose is connecting the TOR Routes with Bee-Line Routes on Sundays. So I am definently supporting your plan. Since it would loosen overcrowding on the ShortLine Long Island <-> Catskills 495 route.


Thanks. The Tappan Zee on Sunday evenings is now a parking lot and the Tappan Zee would also help for ppl living in places like Spring Valley and Nyack access to MNRR at Tarrytown going to the 'city' as well.

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