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1973 The Taking Of Pelham 123 (6)

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70(6) You Know. Sometimes movies are good.


I just got home from Borders where I purchased a new softcover reissue of The Taking Of Pelham 123 by Mr. John Godey (copyright 1973) for $9.99.


The reissue has Mr. Denzel Washington and Mr. John Travolta on the cover. Inside, the Flashmaps I.R.T. Lexington Avenue 70(4)70(5)70(6) map from the early 70's is reprinted. Two small errors I note: At 59th Street, the transfer to the 70(RR) is shown but not to the 70(EE) and at Bleecker Street, transfers are shown as 70(D)70(F) and (KK) - here it should be 70(:).


The book contains the original 373 pages and descriptions of how Mr. Longman and Mr. Ryder met and how Mr. Steever and Mr. Welcome were recruited. Only minor, small differences from the 1974 movie.


One of these is that Detective Haskins (after sending his partner Detective Slott home) captures Mr. Longman in an amazing surprising way. Another is that the hijackers pick the motorman, Mr. Doyle (in the movie it was the conductor Mr. Carmody).


A good read and Mr. Godey includes interesting facts about the subway, including the Forty-Second Street Shuttle.

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