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If I were to roll thru a R68/A (route) roll sign what would I find?


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No reference to the (J)(L)(M)(Z) lines because of the 75 foot length of these cars and the tight narrow curves of the above mentioned lines.Hope this helps :(



Some R68/A(if not most) have the station terminals from the ED in their rollsigns.

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Of course, the original signs did have both the routes and stations! (apparently an oversight).


The 1985 rollsigns had all the letters in order, even the Eastern Division lines. The (Z) was never on the R68, because it debuted in 1988 and the rollsigns were changed again at that time to accommodate new subway routes, such as the (C) and the (Q6). So in 1988 when the R68 rollsign was updated, the (J), (L) and (M) routes were removed.

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Most major destinations and all terminals on the (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)(N)(Q)(S)(V)(W).


Letters inside an R68/R68A are in this order:




No reference to (J)(L)(M)(Z) stations..


You will also find (JFK) and some R68/As have the Broadway(B)(D)

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