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My eventful bus ride on the Q23


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Today my brother and I just had an eventful day. It all started that both of us went to Queens for the Yu-Gi-Oh Sneak Preview. We had to take the R train because the E train was running on the F line via 63rd Street and 6th Avenue. Around 11am we arrived in Queens to attend the sneak preview @ Montasy Comics. I got some new cards and got some good trades and I passed out flyers to promote an upcoming tournament later in the month. After we left Montasy Comics, we decided to attend Duel Zone Collectibles at Flushing. I decided to take the Q23 bus to transfer to the 7 train. I thought the bus ride was going to be normal since I rode the bus last week. This ride was no where near normal. I was on bus 8411 and we got about half way through the bus ride and the bus had to stop for a wheelchair passenger just off Corona Ave. Just about everyone got on the bus there was a fire at a laundromat just two blocks from the bus stop. The bus waited for ten minutes. Eventually the bus made a detour to Corona Ave and the bus driver got lost and the AC got cut out. Eventually we made it to Roosevelt Ave to catch the 7 train to Flushing. While I was on the 7 train I saw the smoke from the file and it was seen from Flushing Meadows Park. It was a big fire. Sorry that I did not took any pictures. But you can check NY1.com since it does have an article regarding the fire.

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