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Clunker dollars should fuel free rides on subway


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If you can get cash for clunkers, why not cash for cards?


As in MetroCards, which enable you to travel about the center of the universe without a car, without using one added drop of foreign oil or emitting one extra particle of pollution.


The most fuel-efficient car on the market is a guzzler compared to the subway.


So anybody who turns in a clunker ought to have the option to forsake the $4,500 rebate for a new car in favor of the equivalent in mass transit fares.


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2009/08/16/2009-08-16_clunker_dollars_should_fuel_free_rides_on_subway.html#ixzz0ORuD86Lp


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It sounds like a good concept but, $4,500 in subway fares? (which I guess would equal to $2,000) Maybe like a year unlimited or something.....


Why not? And I don't understand what you mean by "would equal to $2000".


I would certainly support such an initiative.


According to Straphangers' Campaign, New Yorkers pay 83% of the day-to-day cost of running the subway through fares alone, a much higher percentage than any other mass transit system in the world. It's not like the government (federal or state) will be doubly subsidizing you to ride the subway by paying your fare. In fact, it doesn't subsidize you at all: you are simply selling your car to pay for the subway. Anyone who cries foul here about big government and the state deciding on people's lifestyle is seriously misled in their views.

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I think a separate "transit for clunkers" program would be good. The current layout is meant to both get old cars off the road, and stimulate demand which helps factories get workers back into halted plants.


I think people should also get tax credits or something when they choose transit over vehicle purchase.


- A

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An excellent idea. The option to receive money to use mass transit is a great way to reduce carbon footprints. It's an economic incentive to use mass transit, and who doesn't love a good economic incentive?


The Cash for Clunkers program should have two options:


A: The basic plan, turn in your car, get your money to buy a new car.


B: Turn in your car and receive credit to be used on your local mass transportation system.


With these two options, two key populations are served. Option A serves those residing in suburban and rural areas that are more likely to need cars. Option B can cater to those living in metropolitan areas.

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