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First NG Catch


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Well I was saving the first catch for when I had a proper camera. But, I just happened to be on the road with my phone and saw a NG belonging to CS signed as a Q44. Now, I've been gone for the past 6 weeks so I'm still trying to catch up with things hapening in and out of the system. So without further to do:



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Nice Pic (K)!


Thanks (M)!


Nice shot :tup:, thats where I catch the Q44.




Nice photo!


Thank you!


Not bad! If that is a camera phone, wipe off the dirt all over the camera


Well I shot it through a store window so its pretty much the dirt on the windows. ;)


Nice pic! For a camera phone that came out pretty good. Currently CS is almost done with the order, now Flatbush is getting another 25 and the next 25 or so will go to Castleton.


Thanks for the comment and update. I left for 6 weeks since July for vacation and NGs were just going to JFK Depot. When I come back, they have appeared everywhere. (But I still haven't rode one yet :cry:)


Nice solo of the Hybrid Electric NG, 7-11!



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