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My LuckyTrip- 8/17- BL+MTA


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I got on front car of Times Sq-bound (7) #1831 departed Junction Blvd @ 9:48, arrive 74th St-Broadway @ 9:52.

Total time: 4 minutes.


I got on front car of CI-bound (F) #5638 departed 9:54, arrive Lex Av/63rd St @ 10:05.

Total time: 11 minutes.


I made to 100 St #5558 M103 departed Lex Av/62nd St @ 10:08, arrive Lex Av/59th St 10:09.

Total time: 1 minute.


I enter from 60th St, via BMT Platform to uptown IRT EXP track and got on front car of Burnside Av-bound (4) EXP #1291 departed 10:13.

As it was approaching 149th St-GC, C/O said,

"Ladies & Gentlemen! Due to trackwork, all uptown (4) trains are running express bet. 149th St & Burnside Av. Last stop on this train is Burnside Av. At Burnside Av, this train will be going to storage yard. For continue service, please wait for next (4) train. For bypass station, transfer across platform for Manhattan-bound (4) trains making all stops."

Similar announcement at Brunside Av.

Arrive Burnside Av @ 10:33.

Total time: 20 minutes.


Since I didn't want to miss W61 11:00 bus, I didn't risk with next (4) train (b/c according to travel advisory, it is express to Woodlawn.


I went downstair and I got on West Farms #7669 departed Jerome Av/Burnside Av @ 10:43, arrive Jerome Av/Fordham Rd @ 10:48.

Total time: 5 minutes.


I rush to Fordham Rd/Jerome Av station, b/c Bx12(+) arrive at same time, so I got POP Receipt, and Gun Hill #5747 on Bx12(+) departed 10:50, arrive Fordham Rd/Tiebout Av @ 10:52.

Total time: 2 minutes.


Thanks to Burnside Av <4>, Bx32, Bx12(+), I made to 11:00 W61 #681.

11:00 W61 departed Fordham Rd/Tiebout Av 1 minute early at 10:59. I spotted NABI NG on W45, then he took restroom break at New Rochelle Transit Center, leaving bus on. While he went to restroom, he left engine on and I got Westchester Guardian newspaper quick and he came back. Was suppose to arrive Purchase St/Theodore Frend Av @ 12:19, he arrive 3 minutes late @ 12:22 (due to Construction in New Rochelle)

Total time: 83 minutes.

I ran to train station, ask taxi operator for bus stop, then found bus stop.


#317 on W76 Loop was schedule to arrive Rye Station @ 12:29, but came 2 minutes late @ 12:31. It was heat wave, so it was better to to take through the loop, then waiting in hot bus stop for same bus 10:52. Unfortually, b/c Playland was closed, bus stop on corresponding stop on Forest Av, where elderly couples got off. Bus was suppose to be at Port Cheter Station @ 13:01, but arrive 2 minutes lat @ 13:03.

Total time: 42 minutes.


I bought the Coconut Juice from deli, and I got on friendly B/O on W13B via Bennedicut Av 13:20 bus #611 left 2 minutes early @ 13:18. As bus was arriving Tarrytown Station, I was only one on bus, and arrived @ 14:18, 4 minutes early.

Total time: 60 minutes.


I climb up hill to Main St Pizza of Tarrytown, and had Joe's Special slice, Jamaican Beef Parties and Dr. Pepper bottle for lunch and I love it. When I ask for permassion cheese, family sitting behind me pass me granted cheese, so I said, "thank you."


Since I didn't want to miss 16:06 W1X, after I ate little bit, I rush to train station and W13B Bennedicut Av #412 departed ontime 15:00, arrive White Plains TransCenter 15:37, but arrive 15:35.

Total time: 35 minutes.


After I saw NABI NG on W40, New Flyer Suburban on CT Transit I-Bus, friendly B/O said sure, as rider pass me I-Bus schedule, and cross after W40.


I got on W40 #541 departed ontime @ 15:43, arrive Westchester Community College/Tech Building @ 16:01 ontime.

Total time: 18 minutes.


W1X #651 was suppose to leave 16:06, departed 2 minutes late at 16:08.

Due to ongoing track one, W1X made detour to via NB Sprain Brook Parkway to Tuckahoe Rd exit, then throught bus depot in Mt. Vernon, then in Yonkers area, I exchange $1 in coins because she didn't had enough coins for bus, and she said thank you.

B/O was very nice and even thought she wasn't suppose to drop off on Broadway/239th St, she let passenger who requested.

Arrive Broadway/Mosholu Parkway-242nd St @ 17:02.

Total time: 54 minutes.


Next, my diner owner at restraunt made egg cream for me and I left 25 cent tips for her.


Not knowing there was police activity, I got on front car of Dyckman St-bound (1) #2350 departed 17:14 and bypass 207th St, arrive Dyckman St @ 17:29.

Total time: 15 minutes.


I saw mad rush of people, so I gave up the SOS (S) Bus, and walk up to front car on Bronx-bound (1) #2250 departed 17:33, arrive 207th St @ 17:34.

Total time: 1 minute.


I rush to 207th St/10th Av and MCFC was out of order,so we just got on Bx12(+) #5743 departed 17:38, arrive Fordham Rd/Jerome Av @ 17:44.

Total time: 6 minutes.


I got on front car of Utica-bound (4) #7810 departed Fordham Rd @ 17:48, arrive Grand Central @ 18:16.

Total time: 28 minutes.


I used quick restroom near Transit Museum. MNRR TVM at Meadowland Packages already, then rush outside to 42nd St/Park Av.

I got on MJQ #9291 departed 18:31, arrive 42nd St/1st Av @ 18:38.

Total time: 7 minutes.


I ask dispatcher when ECOSAVER is coming and he told me 19:19, so I walk quick to 34th St and got Nestea Iced Tea (got Diet by mistake)

I miss M15 Local/Limited, so I walk to 36th St when I spotted M15. It was local 126th St #5624 departed 18:56, arrive 39th St @ 18:57.

Total time: 1 minute.


Around 19:40, dispatcher at 41st St told me, they sent bus back, so I got on friendly B/O on Manhattanville #3836 departed 41st St/1st Av @ 19:43, arrive 42nd St/7th Av @ 20:01.

Total time: 18 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Flushing-bound <7> #2096 departed 20:09, arrive Junction Blvd @ 20:31.

Total time: 22 minutes.


Next, I got on LGA #3721 departed Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 20:33, arrive Junction Blvd/37th Av @ 20:34.

Total time: 1 minute.


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