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My Fun Trip to Stamford CT, lol


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I went on this trip on Saturday, August 1st. i was extremely bored, and i decided to go sight-seeing. I decided to go check out places i've never been to via Regular Local Bus/Subway. This is what i did:


I walked to the Parkside Av Subway Station and took the Manhattan-bound (Q) train (R68A) to Atlantic Av-Pacific St, transferred to the Coney Island-bound (D) (R68) to 36 Street and transferred to the (R) SHUTTLE (R46) and took it to 59 St. i got my haircut, and by 12PM Noon i was finished. And then the actual trip began like this:


-36 St-bound (R) Express (R46) to 36 Street (No (R) between 36 St and 71 Av due to construction)


-@ 36 St, i transferred to a Manhattan-bound (D) local (R68) and took it up to Yankee Stadium-161 St.


-@ Yankee Stadium-161 St, i transferred to a Woodlawn-bound (4) train (R142A) and took it up to Woodlawn-Jerome Av (LAST STOP), and transferred to the BeeLine 20 Bus.


-I got the BeeLine 20 Bus (Artic 510) and took it to the White Plains Terminal via Cross County and Empire City Casino.


-I got to White Plains, and transferred to the 13 (NABI 220) to Port Chester. Those new NABI Buses look very nice. it was my first ride on those buses, so i was pretty excited, plus i really enjoyed the view on the 13 bus. it was beautiful seeing Westchester County with beautiful houses. It felt like i was in a farm where an actual city bus goes thru, lol.


-At Port Chester, i sat down at the Port Chester Station Platform on the Metro North, and enjoyed watching a few train go by.


-I went into some little spanish restaurant, ate a cuban sandwich and left. From there i took the CT Transit 11A bus (MCI Classic 9634) from Port Chester to Stamford, CT, and back. it was a lovely view.


-When i got off the CT TRansit bus at Port Chester, NY, i walked to the BeeLine 13 bus stop. From there i took the BeeLine 13T (TARRYTOWN) bus (Orion VII Hybrid Bus 203) back to White Plains. i was excited again beause it was my first time riding on a BeeLine Orion VII Hybrid Bus. The ride was pretty fun.


-From there i walked over to the Mall in White Plains, and ate a Wendy's Chicken Sandwich, it was SOOO GOOD.


-I walked back to the White Plains Bus Center and took the BeeLine 20 bus (Artic 510 again, lol) back to Woodlawn.


-At Woodlawn, i get on the (4) train (R142A). We Stop at Yankee Stadium-161 St, and A WHOLE YANKEE CROWD gets on the train to celebrate and be happy due to the Yankees Winning that Game. (i believe they played boston. i cant remember, lol) i get off the (4) at 14 St-Union Square and transfered to the (Q).


-I get on the (Q) train (R68A) at 14 St-Union Square, and it runs local to Canal St, then on the (R) line to DeKalb Av. So i basically slept thru that ride. I get off at Church Av to cross over to the Manhattan-bound side of the station. ((Q) trains to Coney Island were running express due to station rehabilitation at NewKirk Av.)


-At Church Av, Manhattan-bound (Q) train pulls in (R68), i get off the next stop which is Parkside Av, then get on the (MTA) NYC Bus B12 bus (RTS 8782). I get home, i eat again, take a shower, and my trip was done, lol.

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Nice trip. I didn't got CTT11 yet.

It that was between 2-hours? If it was within 2-hour, you could have ask W13 Operator for transfer for CT Transit, even thought even if you paid w/ MetroCard.


i didnt kno that. does the 11A accept metro cards or no? i paid in cash.

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i didnt kno that. does the 11A accept metro cards or no? i paid in cash.

No, not MetroCard. (MTA) Transfer ticket from Bee-Line bus that meets these agencies. You should give to CT Transit B/O, Tappan Zee Express B/O, HART B/O


Bee-Line Customers wishing to transfer to Short Line's Tappan ZEExpress or Orange Westchester Link, CT Transit's I-Bus or Route 11, or Putnam Transit must ask for a paper transfer, even if paying with MetroCard.
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Sounds like an fun trip. I can't belive you took Bee line both ways, thats a long ride!


lol yeaa i kno. but it was fun cuz instead of taking so many orion 5's, i took an Artic on the 20, a NABI on the 13 (FIRST TIME), then MCI Classic on the CT Transit 11A, same bus back to Port Chester, then an Orion 7 Hybrid on the 13T (FIRST TIME), then artic on the 20 back to Woodlawn.

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