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R62A 1991

On Jerome Avenue Today

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My original intention was simply to pop up to 168th St & see the chaos or whatever. But then I heard someone at Utica this morning talking about how they were operating the (4) express later, so I decided to head up there too.


Once again (the first time was during the <4> Pilot Express), we were held outside of 149th St-Grand Concourse for about 9-10 minutes, completely eradicating any time savings we would have made along the Jerome Av EXP. And we were going pretty darn fast. Anyway, on with the photos. First, I popped up to 168th St to just see how crazy things were. The elevator line was pretty long, but there were cops and loads of MTA workers there.


They still turned trains at 137th St for midday layups at that yard. Now, onto Jerome. "This is a Woodlawn-bound (4) train. The next AND last stop is Burnside Avenue." Now the train's program did say "To Burnside Av," but that is what the announcement said.




And then an R142A arrived to take people on the <4> to Manhattan.




My camera was the victim of a bad focus, so I didn't get a shot at all of the back end. But then this came in no time to Woodlawn anyway.


Took it to Kingsbridge to get one shot of the <4>.






And I got it.


I then went to Woodlawn.





A bird simply walked into the train.




And then, we were off. But not before one of my pet peeves happened. The train left without setting a program. When it did set the program, we ended up with:


Which was correct except for the fact that we did make a stop at Moshulu. I'd like to know what the policy is for setting programs before leaving a terminal. At Utica, because trains leave quite quickly, usually they don't set their programs until half-past Kingston. Usually that means that the announcements aren't synced until Atlantic Av. In this case, we were synced at Burnside, which was fine. A video:


And I'm back home now. Hope you enjoyed!

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Awsome! Pics And wow that bird just wanted a fast ride to Manhattan :) or where ever//

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