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Northbound FDR Drive closed; Houston-23rd St possibly affecting M14 M15 and other bus

Shortline Bus

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Due to construction, the FDR Drive is closed for 24-plus straight hours starting tonight that will affect local Manhattan RoutesM9, M14 M15 M16 and M23 bus routes[/b]. Here story.





Source. http://WWW.WABC.COM Eyewitness News news briefs 6pm Tuesday August 18, 2009.


NEW YORK (WABC-TV) -- Repair work is going to close part of the FDR Drive starting Tuesday night.

The Department of Transportation said that all three northbound lanes of the FDR Drive will be closed to traffic from East Houston Street to East 20th Street beginning at 9 p.m. on Tuesday and continuing until 9 p.m. Wednesday including the rush hours.


Crews will be making repairs between East 14th and East 20th Streets. Upon completion of this work, one northbound lane will remain closed until further notice.

NYPD traffic agents will be stationed along detour route.

Also, affected will be local area MTA bus routes, M9, M14 M15 M16 and M23 bus routes.


c)2009 WABC-TV, Inc.


Other than our NYCTF regular 33rd Street anyone affected by this closure.

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I think this also will affect 3rd avenue as 1st ave becomes a parking lot. How much construction work can you get done in a 24 hr window? E23 St going into the FDR North on ramp is going to be a mess as well. They should have traffic people at that intersection.

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Not really. Everytime East River Drive is closed, Avenue C sees a lot of traffic. Reason is Avenue C is more direct than 1st Avenue as well as Avenues A, B, and D.


Yeah but most drivers from out of town dont know about alaphbet city streets and will likely will use 1st Avenue. NYC DOT says this project is being done now since schools is still on break for summer holidays and many people are on vaction.

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Well then they better get to knowing other options. The traffic on 1st Avenue is horrendus during all hours. Everytime I'm on the Bellevue-bound M21, traffic is always stalled on Houston and 1st.




Driving new to NYC should already know unless they have to, should avoid driving in Manhattan especially weekdays so great point. I own a car myself and when i drive in the 5 boros, its usually only to hard to get locations in the outerboros via mass transitie Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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