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Sea Beach Presents: R160 (W) / West End Presents: R160<M> and (D) Express (56k)

Sea Beach

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I was on my way to 86 St today and found more intresting stuff,luckilly I brought the cam. R160 <M> and (D) express. Some (D) and some (M) were going express today for some odd reason. I also went back tonight to get that R160 (W) and got it! Theres also an R32 (R) via Sea Beach. Im always catching that (R) on that line :eek:



West End: (D)(M) 18 Ave,Bay Pkwy,62 St




This (M) went West End Exp








This (D) went West End Exp






R160 <M>!!





Sea Beach: Ft Hamilton Pkwy (R)(W)






(W) To Kings Hwy!






Sorry For The Blur,im going back this or next week to get better pics and vids




And The Vid From Last Night





Guess What This Is:





Enjoy! :P

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Nice catch, I believe you caught one of the rare (W) night trains at Brooklyn. Nice to see a diamond R160 (M) train at West End. Good work!


Yes I did.


Thanks! :)


Nice pics, though all of them seem to have some sort of film over them. I suggest cleaning your lens for them to come out clearer.


Thanks! :)


I know,I cleaned out my lens today so its better now! I shouldve done that yesterday B)


Is that last pic a catch of the vac track cleaner?


Sperry Car


Nice shot of the <M> and (W)!


Thanks! :)


wow that was the same exact train i caught! awsome pics


Which train?


Thanks! :)


Looks like the Sperry car.


yep,it is

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