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Lehigh Line 8/18/2009


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Here are some recent shots from the Lehigh Line. All are Norfolk Southern as CSX or as I call them Constantly Slow to the eXtreme decided not to show.


NS 20K:



Blue power for 20G!






21M sorry for the poor lighting but the 70M makes up for it:






18G with blue in the middle:



and bonus Scale Test Car on the move in 18G:




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I love shooting NS as there is always a better chance an ex-Conrail unit still in blue may show up. If you ever want to shoot freight out here in NJ just send me a private message I have lots of good spots.

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Yup, NJT's Raritan Valley Line has a station stop in Bound Brook which is along the Lehigh Line for starters, this is also a know railfan spot. You also have a bunch of guys who fan the Lehigh Line from the stations in Roselle Park and Union which are both one and two stops from Newark. There the RVL uses the Lehigh line to get to Newark Penn. On a good morning and especially from 3pm on there should be freight not to mention the RVL rush hour trains.

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No Problem!


Weekends are tricky but mornings seem to be the best, with NS sending a parade of eastbounds and CSX sending two eastbounds as well. CSX seems to run more during the day. The only day I would suggest not going is a Monday as the line can be very slow as many trains don't run that day.

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Vurry awesome sir!


You knoe, i saw a NS blue unit while on HBLR on thursday....... unit 2935.


It was moving tankers and box cars and gondolas around that trackage there, there were 3 separate consists 2 were sitting unhooked, and one was being pulled north as far as i could tell.


34th st station and below is actually a :tup: spot to fan, because when the trains are there, they often sit for a LONG time before moving, and at LSP station the line passes up a grassy hill from the HBLR tracks, and over a short bridge on either side. Lot of former CNJ "aura" there, even some old bridge piers with no bridge on top down the way. LSP station's shelters have glass blocks etched with countless fallen flag symbols (NYC, CNJ, PRR etc) and other things like lanterns and old semaphore signals etc, pretty neat stuff.


- A

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Thanks Andy!


I have done the freight fanning from the HBLR, but its kind of a pain since all the tranist fare enforcement people are around and they get jumpy at the site of a DSLR. When I had my old P&S I would shoot it. The LSP shot is great though if you can get both freight above and an HBLR train below!

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