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The PATH Thread

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Do you have a favorite PATH line and or station?


For me, it's the Newark to World Trade Center Line. A nice variety with a little elevated, the run between Harrison and Journal Square including a short ground run between Newark Avenue and Fayette Place in the Marion section, the Bergen Cut and finally a little underground. Overall, an interesting line.


Ninth Street station. A simple island platform with two tracks but the gateway to Greenwich Village and convient to the (E) at West Fourth Street-Washington Square. Ninth Street has an interesting entrance just west of Sixth Avenue.

Harrison is a close second for the number of tracks that pass through the station and for opportunities to train spot. There really isn't much of interest around the station on S. Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard., however.


The PA-1s. These are the PATH railcars I grew up with and remember the best. The H & M K Class Cars I remember also. They were with us until around 1980 and some of them carried the Pennsy Keystone in the beginning. I also remember seeing old former Black Cars painted a bright yellow and in work service.

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My favourite line is also the NWK-WTC line for mostly the same reasons. It's fun to watch the train zip past buildings and such. A ride uncomparable to the elevated subways in the city.


I do hope though, that Harry creates a forum for PATH threads. PATH is still an integral part of the metropolitan area's transit network.

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NWK-WTC is a great route because it is quick. But, my first experience came on the JSQ-33RD weekend run. So odd that the t/o has to switch cabs after just a few stops. I love the fact that there is a RFW on most of the trains.

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I like the WTC-HOB line the best, because it connects my favorite train station (hoboken terminal) with the (E) and surrounding area including the brooklyn bridge not too far away & woolworth building. My girlfriend and i often meet at exchange place and ride down together after i've taken photos at hoboken terminal.


My favorite station is pavonia/newport, because it still has hints of what the area used to be like (E for Erie still on column capitols for instance), it's close to good places to eat, both banks i use, and the mall where i see movies very often. I usually ride the train from exchange place to newport, or to hoboken, and whenever i'm going that direction, i never get on the yellow line, i always take red to green.


The green line is also gives easy access to the waterfront areas. I also like it, because it only has 4 stations including the 2 terminals.


The railfan in me likes the red line for all the neat aspects & history, but it is way too crowded a lot of the time & not very pleasant because of that.


I like the PA4 and PA5 cars because they have 3 doors, and the HVAC seems a bit better. The PA5 cars have a REALLY smooth ride, and i can watch tv instead of running my phone battery down playing games.


On the yellow line, i like the xmas tree the workers put in the tunnel around that time of the year, but i rarely use it unless i'm going uptown from 9th or that area.


- A

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