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New Youtuber is #1 Most Subscribed of All times!


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For those of you who may know this[Or Not]... There are these two Comedians on Youtube who has the highest Subscribers of all time.


One guy his Channel is called "FRED." Hes portrayed by this guy name Lucas C. He was #1 Most Subscribe early today. He has over 1,355,000 Subscribers. [been #1 since Summer of last yr] Many people like I see him as annoying 15 yr old. Cuz he acts liek hes 6 in his video and uses a software to make his voice go fast and looks squeaky... Hes Video is intended for Kids...


Heres his Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fred


Then heres another Funny Guy, His Channels Name is Nigahia, hes Asian with his friends. They make adult/Teen AIMed videos. Very funny person, he passed Fred of course, and his now #1 Subscribed all time. I prefer that this dude gets it, hes not even annoying for god sakes.. He has 1,357,000+ subscribers!


Heres his Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/nigahiga


[Tho it shows FRED as number 1 and Niga as Number 2, Youtube takes about 12-24 Hrs to update the list completely... SO by tomo it should be corrected! http://www.youtube.com/members?t=a&p=1&s=ms&g=0


Also note since they both are around the same numbers they can tie each other till one loses. Which i hope his Fred lol


ASIANS ROCKS :P! No offendes to Fred lovers :P

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I don't see what makes Fred so special...


Me ether. I think people like him cuz of his Fast voice. Which I dont see anything funny at all.. >_<


Anyone can speed up there voice and become funny or not.

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Nigahiga is hilarious. I've only watched a few seconds of one of Fred's video and I didn't get what was so great about it. Maybe I'll go watch a few more and maybe I can be 'enlightened' (though I still won't like it). Everything Ryan Higa says makes sense and has a point (in his rant vids). His comedy vids are too funny!

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