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R62A 1991

A Few From Around

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Disclaimer: If there is a problem with resizing the pictures, I apologize in advance. I had to move to a new account today.


Did some firsts today:

First time taking an R142 (5) from Flatbush Av during the midday. The MTA really screwed up on the "weekdays and evenings" portion of the service extension signs. It's specifically a "midday" extension, since (5) service to Flatbush stops at 8:21 PM.

Took the PA-5 for the first time. It's nice, but the steel door just completely ruins the "railfannability." However, because that is not the primary purpose of those trains, they serve their purpose. It was on JSQ-33rd St during the PM rush today.

I took the "anti-blur" status on my camera off. I felt that this was too much of a crutch for me and I need to start learning how to steady my hand instead to take good underground pictures.

All of these were simply while I was running errands today. Isn't that nice?

Van Siclen Av:




Flatbush Av:






Let me say something about Flatbush Av: playing "guess the platform" is not fun here. This (2) train turned into a (5) train, and the (5) train on the other platform had to turn into a (2) then. People assumed that because the (2) came in as a (2) and a (5) as a (5), they'd stay that way. But I thought they would've learned by now. Oh well. Anyway,


Rector St, and here is where I failed miserably without the "anti-blur feature"






In the above video, check out the new tiles and station booth at Cortlandt St.

Queensboro Plaza:






And finally, Junction Blvd, where I saw a raincloud approaching very quickly...





The T/Os on the <7> have finally learned not to let that stupid timer at the east end of 74th St-B'way deter them from speeding. Bonus video: just the regular on Livonia Avenue:



Hope you enjoyed!

Edited by R62A 1991

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