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Joining the Air Force Academy? Input Needed


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Hey guys,


As some of you guys know, I'm aiming to become a pilot when I become of age, and my mom mentioned that a good gateway to that would be joining the Air Force. She said that I could go in, serve my terms and when I come out, I can practically join any airline that I wanted to. I was interested in it and figured that I would go through with it. I also thought of joining the Air Force Academy in which I will do college and train for the Air Force at the same time. That was one year ago.


Now, I'm still having the idea of becoming a pilot but joining the Air Force is giving me second thoughts. The benefits sound all nice and all but what really has been trying to worry me are the risks. I mean you go into any marked battlefield and any day could be your last while in service. So I've been thinking, does the benefits outweigh the risks? The other day, I received a letter from the Air Force Academy about admissions. If I really wanted to join them, I should contact them and they will add me to the admissions database. If not, they will take me out.


So before I make a decision, I would like to receive some input from you guys. What do you think about it? What should I do? Help me here.




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Coast Guard has tons of pilots, and is generally non-combat & you could get a storm hunter post on the east coast, or drug busting down south, or you could get maritime ice patrol & S&R type stuff.


I suggest coast guard over air force, because you get to work with civilians very often depending on your assignment & you can get qualified and get experience on helicopter, prop & jet. You also get to save lives and help people.


If you'd like to stay in the NY area there are tons of positions, including inspecting incoming & outgoing cruise ships underwater, general harbor patrol, and vessel escort duty. The USCG post is right there in battery park by the ferry terminal.


There are also some flight positions in customs & border patrol, FBI, and a few other agencies.


Good luck & hope you make the choice that is right for you. :cool::tup:


- A

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As far as the current wars going on, the people in the most danger are those on the ground (Army and Marines), the Air Force has more of a reconasance and bombing missions. I dont know how old you are or how long you plan to be in the Air Force. The world is an unpredictable place, for all we know we could be at war with Iran or North Korea or any other crazy regime after the war is over in Iraq and Afganistan. Joining the military is about making a commitment to serving your country, you may not return, you might be shot down, caputred and spend years in a POW camp. The main thing you must ask yourself is, do you want to serve your country, and help keep us safe from attacks from abroad. The rewards are many, they give you a penson, medical care, and the sense of pride in knowing that you served our nation and helped protect us.


Im not in the military but I respect all soldiers, veterans and those currently serving. Ive been to many air shows as well.

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