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Another histroic event at new Yankee Stadium. The first marriage

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With the Yankees playing as well as they have played inregular season since 2003, an engaged couple who both Yanks and NFL Giants fans made new history at new Yankee Stadium. They got marrried at the new Bronx Ballpark in a suite. Here story.


Couple becomes first to get married at new Yankee Stadium in The Bronx

BY Tanyanika Samuels and Leo Standora



Saturday, August 22nd 2009



A new team took over Yankee Stadium Friday - the Rajendrans - the first couple to tie the knot in the Bombers new ballpark.


Mike Rajendran and Joanna Rothschild got hitched before more than 250 relatives in The Bronx while their favorite team was taking on the Red Sox in Boston. The Bombers beat the Red Sox in a blowout win 20-11.


"As a tomboy," said Joanna, 32, "this is the wedding I dreamed of all my whole life. It's like magic."


Smiling at his bride, who was dazzling in a form-fitting white lace, halter top dress, Mike said, "I just wanted something really special for her."


Mike, 33, was fittingly decked out in a pinstriped blue suit.


The couple arrived at the stadium about 4 p.m. and got a tour of the place, taking enough pictures in spots like the dugout, infield and Memorial Park to fill a dozen photo albums.


At one point, Joanna gasped and exclaimed, "Oh, my God," as she looked up at the Jumbotron and saw the message: Joanna and Mike - August 21, 2009.


Although the ceremony was supposed to take place on a concourse overlooking home plate, some raindrops forced everything inside in the suite.


The change didn't faze the lovebirds, who swapped kisses as they walked to a drier place.


Inside, they embraced and enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife to Shania Twain's "Forever and for Always."


Although they only had eyes for each other, their pinstriped heroes weren't far from their thoughts.


Told the Yanks were crushing the Bosox, Joanna gushed, "This really is magical. I knew they were going to win. It's their wedding present to us."


Her husband, however, wanted a bit more.


"They have to win the whole thing this year," Mike said. "I just won't accept anything else."


c)2009 NY Daily News, Inc. tsamuels@nydailynews.com




Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/08/22/2009-08-22_duos_quite_a_team_yanks_fans_dream_nups_1st_at_stadium.html#ixzz0OvV5gINg



Comments/reactions? Congrats to them. :cool:I think earlier in summer in May or June television Preacher/Minister Joel Osteen gave the first Relglious service at the new stadium as well. Now we await the first music concerts as well.

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