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Anybody lived during the 1990’s remembers any commercial ads, or TV Shows.

mass production

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Ok. Here some of my favorites on tv shows and commericals.



1)"Family Matters" aka the Steve Urkel Show lol theme.




2)"Home Improvement"





3)In Living Color




4)The oringal Beverly Hills 90210 theme from early 1990's.


FYI. I was a big fan on this shows early years but got to dislike it when it switched to a soap opera type show.



Commerical(one of my favorite of all time lol):eek:


1)'I fallen and i cant get up' Life line.



More to come.

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Some more '90 memories.


1)The Heights "How do you talk to an angel.'






2)"DEEP DEEP Trouble" The Simpsons TV album

a #1 pop hit in Britian and a top 5 hit in US.




3)"Do the Bartman" The Simpsons





4) Friends TV theme song "I be there for you."





5)Walker Texas Ranger Tv theme





More to come.:cool:

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I raise you bro.



1)"Fresh Prince of Bel Air" starring Will Smith





2) "Arsenio Hall" Show Featuring Red Hot Chilli Peppers "Higher Ground" circa 1989/90 and the show's intro.





3)"Doggie Howser MD" starring a then unknown Neil Patrick Harris as a teen Medical Prodigy named Doggie.





4)"Coach' starring Craig T Nelson as Head Football Coach at fictional Minnesota State University Hayden Fox.ox.





5)Beavis and Butthead "Manners Sucks' Warning: Some adult language used.:cool:







More to come.

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