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Railfanning 8/22/09


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Oh snap nice pics!

That rollsign still has the AG font for the J!


Yup, thats Akzidenz Grotesk for you, the best font alive! I'm definitely getting my hands on that front rollsign! Too bad the side signs don't have them, though.

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Not only that, the second photo of the R42 has the (R) in Helvetica -- that's somewhat of a rarity, as most of the (R) front signs are in Akzidenz.


Some have a combo of Akzidenz and Helvetica and it can get real confusing. The (Q), (C), (S) and (J) would be Helvetica while all the other letters would be Akzidenz. Then some are pre Akzidenz and some are pure Helvetica. I'd like to see Akzidenz make a comeback but because the (J) for it wasn't "hooky" enough the MTA decided to replace it. it still exists in some entities with a hooky (J).

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