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What NJT Rail Station require to change cars?


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If you meant the necessity to change cars before drop-off, then Jersey Avenue due to short platform especially when directed to the yard. Other situations are dependent on the train crew such as when they don't want to use certain coaches due to low numbers of passengers. It happened many times when I rode on the M&E.

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On the NEC:

North Elizabeth can hold 8 cars.

Linden can only hold 7 to 8 cars (depending on what platform.)

Rahway NB platform can hold 8 cars.

Metuchen holds 8 cars.

Jersey Avenue hold 6 cars.

The rest hold a full 10-12 car train.

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This is a trickier question than it seems for a few reasons which i will explain below.


What people have stated above is the absolute requirement.


However there are some other situations where you may have to move as well. This includes but is not limited to:


Amtrak train taking up space on local or other track for odd reason: low platform stop if there is nowhere to switch in front of it before the station.


:septa: train on track 5 at trenton if the (NJT) train pulls in and is more than 8 cars cab first or 7 cars locomotive first.


:septa: needing to pull in on track 2 while (NJT) waits to depart. They will move the (NJT) train forward enough for the :septa: train to platform its first 2 cars


At NYP if it is a long consist, and you are pulling in on a stub end track (1-4) the last 1-3 cars will not be on the platform. This is random to the passenger, however they try to bring in the longer ones on the longer platforms, as long as an amtrak train isn't on its way in behind it.


If there is a door problem, they may lock out the problem car(s) and you have to move to the next one to get out.


They are running low on crew and the train becomes less than a 1/3 full they may ask you to change cars so they can close one down.


If there is a signal issue or a train is stopped within the safety distance, they may platform only the 1st or second cars as to not needlessly delay pax within laughable distance from station.


If there is work being done on the platform, they will either not open doors in that location, or they may pull up forward or behind the normal position.


These will happen at some point, i've experienced all of them, and if you want a more thorough policy list for short platforming etc please contact Amtrak or (NJT)! B)


- A

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