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More Videos Of StormRunner Check It Out


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This one of a kind roller coaster launches riders 0-90 Mph in jus 1.9 seconds It Features a 180 ft Top Hat And a 90 Degree 195ft Drop It Has A Heartline Roll And Then A zero g Barrel Rolls And The Worlds Only Flying Snake Dive Watch last video to see what im talking about..Let Me Know What You think of them



StormRunner Launching(off Ride)


StormRunner(Off Ride)


StormRunner(From Sideline)


StormRunner(On The Ride)


The StormRunner


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i hate rollercoasters, that thing is insane, wow i love my life too much to even try that thing. cool vids:tup:


Lol, you need to relax. I rode Kinda Ka TWICE, which launches you at 128 mph and up 456 feet, and survived. Ride a roller coaster and you'll eventually start to like them, I've been on many coasters in my life and look forward to newer ones.

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