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The B unit appreciation thread!


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So yea, after years of thinking cabless locomotives are quite neat, and seeing one from the P&W roster on here, I've decided to create the B unit appreciation thread. They can be B units of ANY type, from any railway.


My personal favorites are the early cab unit B (booster) units, because it showed that while diesel was not ready to replace steam just yet, they had all ready figured out a way to work with the lower horsepower of the day. I also quite enjoy the EMD hood unit cabless boosters, used for things such as Cajon pass which in the early days was mastered by the "big boy" and "challenger" steam engines.


Feel free to post found images citing source (unless the hyperlink makes it obvious), or your own images.


Also welcome are tech specs, assignment histories, usual routes they are/were used on, and notable incidents.


In the second post i'll add some example images!




- (A)

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